We are a full-service AD + PR agency that provides impactful and powerful results to local businesses.

Imagewest provides brand strategy, development, and management services to local and regional businesses in a professional, friendly and creative environment while giving businesses a professional, efficient, and inexpensive solution that makes a creative impact on their business.

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Our approach to work

We work with clients to help renovate and establish their brands as a unique entity. When we take on projects, we always strive to bring out the best aspects of a company to better tell its story to the world.

Level Up ↑

As good as you are, Imagewest pushes you to level up. Expectations are high and our interns have the support and room to excel. Just like the real world, we don’t have downtime here. At Imagewest our interns push themselves farther than they ever have. In this business, we are lifelong learners and we always keep improving.

Refine Relentlessly

At Imagewest, we try hard and then try even harder. Trial and error is the essence of creativity. We take risks, learn quickly from our mistakes and refine relentlessly. We edit, review, edit, review until we have a maximum quality product for our clients.

All for One & One for All

At Imagewest, we are a team and a family. Each person has their own unique strengths and we support each other on every project. Five, ten years from now, you will still have the friendships with the people you intern with. You will likely help each other find jobs and gain new professional opportunities. Not to mention the large network of alumni Imagewest has amassed since it’s inception in 2004.


Meet our Team

Kara Williams Glenn

Agency Manager

Mark Simpson


Alexus Smith

Multimedia Creative

Aly Edwards

Multimedia Creative

Autumn Minor

Multimedia Creative

Baker Wright

Multimedia Creative

Baylee Bedwell

Account Executive

Carly LaGrange

Lead Multimedia Creative

Caroline Farley

Lead Account Executive

Charlie Simmons

Lead Account Executive

Courtney McDonald

Lead Multimedia Creative

Devon Wright


Erika Denning

Multimedia Creative

Grace Pritchett


Hailee Smith

Lead Account Executive/Brand Manager

Hunter Halloran

Multimedia Creative

J.B. Carter

Multimedia Creative

Joseph Hooks

Multimedia Creative & Video

Katie Babbage

Lead Videographer

Katie Fischer

Lead Copywriter/Brand Manager/Assistant Manager

Kelly Howe

PR & Brand Manager

Madeline Rafferty

Multimedia Creative

Mackenzie Duvall

Account Executive

Mariya Merkley

Account Executive

Mary Mercurio

Lead Account Executive/
Brand Manager

McKenna Webb

Lead Multimedia Creative

Olivia Peebles

Lead PR/Brand Manager

Phi Chu

Lead Copywriter

Sam Flick

Lead Multimedia Creative/
Assistant Manager

Sarah Starkey

Lead Account Executive/Copywriter

Steven Hunter


Trent James

Lead Multimedia Creative

Zachary Preston

Multimedia Creative

Impactful experiences for everyone

Students work with real clients in a hands-on and collaborative team setting, from project conception to completion. Imagewest is a distinctive, award-winning agency that has worked on a variety of projects for over 150 clients. We have worked with local and regional clients as well as national and international clients, creating a creative and powerful impact all around the globe.

How to join our team

We create valuable and impactful experiences to people’s lives and businesses. By joining our ever-expanding team, you are helping create an impact in those lives.

Careers at Imagewest provide the technical skills and support needed for today’s competitve job market.

Have an idea for your next project?

We’re here to turn your ideas into success.